Assorted Vegetables Pickle

Sweet, tangy and spicy pickle prepared by sauteing assorted vegetables with spices and enhancing their savour by adding vinegar and jaggery.

Vegetables Pickle
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  1. 2 cups cauliflower florets
  2. 2 cups carrots cut into 1 inch sticks
  3. 1 cup turnips peeled and cut into thick slices
  4. 1 cup mustard oil
  5. 2 cups thinly sliced onions
  6. 2 tablespoons coarsely ground ginger
  7. 2 tablespoons coarsely ground garlic
  8. 1 tablespoon Kashmiri red chilli powder
  9. 2 teaspoons garam masala
  10. 1/2 cup jaggery (gur)
  11. 1/2 cup vinegar
  12. Salt to taste


  1. Heat the oil in a large non-stick pan. Add the onions, coarsely ground ginger and garlic. Sauté till they turn golden brown in colour.
  2. Add the vegetables, salt, kashmiri red chilli powder and garam masala. Mix well and cook on medium heat for 5-7 minutes stirring occasionally. Add the vinegar and jaggery. Let it simmer for 3-4 minutes or until the jaggery melts.
  3. Turn off the heat and let it cool. Store the pickle in a glass jar.

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